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Microfine Glitter Collection

# KU-403
KW 3/16

On this page you are purchasing a sampler pack of 14 colors. Or you can also click on the picture if you want to purchase that one color.

Our microfine glitters are very popular for cosmetic and craft applications (IMPORTANT: please click on the More Details hyperlink to see detailed information on what the products are permitted for).

The glitter is cut as .004 squares, or less than 150 microns. Samples are packed as a teaspoon in a stackable jar with a rotating sifter, making them tidy and easy to keep. Click on the Additional Image hyperlink above to see how they look. Note that they come in a stack. Larger sizes are packed in zip lock bags.

The holographic and white diamond glitters are manufactured such that it is solvent resistant (great in nail polish).

Click on the More Details hyperlink above to view ingredients and regulatory approvals.

Black Brass Copper
Chartreuse Gold Green
Holographic  Lavender  Red
  Rose Purple Silver
 Snow White White Diamond  


Select Size*
Sample (2.5g) each   $15.75
1 ounce each  $32.00
4 ounces each   $155.00
Customer Reviews
By Erica
I loved the old glitters - disappointed that so many of the old glitter shades are no longer available :/ TKB Responds: all things in good time. We are working with a new vendor and will be slowly adding to the line. We had to start someplace! Kaila

1s1s1s1s1s Love It
By marsy
I got the Holographic and just am in love with it. It adds that extra pop to my lippies that I love.

1s1s0s0s0sDislike intensely
By Alithea
I really do not care for this glitter at ALL. I find myself using too much of it for so very little payoff in my shadows. TKB responds: Hmmm, well noted. We are just about to place a new order with them and I wonder if a larger particle size will make the difference. I'll send you some samples for feedback once they come in.

1s1s1s1s1sLoved the glitter but i didnt receive lids for the jars
By Tee
I absolutely love the glitter because of how finely milled it is but i ordered all 14 glitters and received them in 2 towers of 7 instead of in individual jars.... i looked on other websites for video and swatches of the glitter and saw that they were sold in indiviudal containers not in pregrouped towers,,,, which is also what it says here (they are sold in stackable jars) i sent you an email in ref to gettin 12 clear lids for the glitters i purchased with the order number included,,,thanks hopefully this can be resolved as swiftly as i received my order TKB Responds: Sorry it was not clear to you. As one can see in the View Additional Image hyperlink, these are sold as a tower. We'll take care of you for sure, but customers should be aware these always ship as a tower.

1s1s1s1s1sParticle size
By Melissa
please dont order a larger particle size 00.4 is the cosmetic grade size i have other sizes the 00.6 & 00.8 & the 00.4 is so much better

By Megan
I love glitter! Although I don't use it much in cosmetics, I always use it in my acrylic mix for my nails. This is so affordable,too!

1s1s0s0s0sI liked the old glitter selection much better.
By Bobbi
So many of the new glitters are cool tones. There's no blue or teal?? No fuschia? Need more variety. Way more. I love TKB but I'm disappointed in this selection. I hope you'll be getting more colors. I'll hold off ordering until then. TKB Responds: OK, thanks for the honest feedback.

By Angelita
i've ordered the red, green, black, silver, holographic, and purple..all beautiful although i loved the previous purple a bit better, it was more on the pink side...i'd like to know what exact ingredients in these glitters make them unsafe for cosmetic use? and are there any plans to make available cosmetic safe glitters in a wider variety of colors, if there is such a thing :] i have a customer that would like a bright orange for her daughter. thanks! TKB Responds: We do plan on greatly expanding our Glitter Line, so I really appreciate the feedback, good bad and indifferent! Kaila

1s1s1s1s1sLove but....
By Oster
Are you planning a Holographic gold? I would love to have it! TKB Responds: Hmmmmm.

By cristal
I was just wondering if these can be used as eyeshadows??

1s1s1s0s0sBy Crystal
By cristal
I was just wondering if these can be used as eyeshadows? TKB Responds: Please read the More Details hyperlink on this page for details.

1s1s1s1s0sholo glitter
By kristin
Just lovely, beautiful rainbow sparks, very "lively". It pressed beautifully using only a few drops of binding liquid, no other ingredients or fillers, and when I brushed some on for a concert it was still there over 5 hours later. The only thing I could wish would be that it didn't feel gritty in lip products, because it would make an amazing gloss. Oh well, can't have everything.

1s1s1s1s0s I wanted Red
By kristen
I love the silver and purple but the red was a little lackluster. I wanted more sparkle to it. It's so finely milled, it seems, that it's more like a powder. I wish it had more sheen like the purple.

1s1s1s1s1sLove these Glitters
By Zakia
Please do not order a bigger particle size,it works very well using the correct products with it. I've created many different looks using your glitter, I love it more than my high end cosmetic glitters

1s1s1s1s0sgood but not for polish
By Caitlyn
the red is a heavy bleeder and the holo just didn't show well for me.... they all have sank to the bottom of the polish bottles which is honestly expectable but still saddening. I wish TKB had a larger variety of solvent resistant glitter but until then I'll order elsewhere until that happens. TKB Responds: For nail polish glitters, you should shop only in the Nail Polish section of our site. These glitters are not listed there. We do have a selection of solvent resistant glitters in that section.

1s1s1s1s0sNot too fond of the packing
By Jeevna
I LOVE the glitter but I did not like the packing at all. I ordered the 1 oz size for all 14 colors. They were packed in individual ziplock bags, which will get messy every time I use them. I thought that the jars would be included and the ziplocks would be for extra protection, especially since the picture advertized above shows the glitters in three different sized jars. For this reason I would not buy again. I will have to spend more money to buy my own containers for the glitter. TKB responds: Thanks for the feedback.

1s1s1s1s1sLoving this
By Jessica
By Jessica I do a lot dramatic eye effects and I love the variety. There is a color for every look.

1s1s1s1s1sLoving this
By Jessica
I do a lot of dramatic eye effect as well as Halloween make-up and these are perfect for all those. Great variety.

1s1s1s1s1sStill Love
By marsy
I still love these glitters and the color selection. Tons of uses and always fun using.

1s1s1s1s1sLoving this
By Jessica
I do a lot of dramatic eye effect as well as Halloween make-up and these are perfect for all those. Great variety.

By Molly
Any chance of a sapphire blue?

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