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Rice Powder, Kosher

# KM-401
Rice Powder, Kosher

Our Kosher Rice Powder is a natural, soft and silky rice powder which is approved for both food and cosmetic use.

Our Rice Powder is Kosher grade, natural and odor free.

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Customer Reviews
By Kristina
This rice powder is one of the best around. I have ordered from other companies, but I think TKB's is the softest, silkiest rice powder I have found so far. I use this in my foundation blends. It is a stable for making mineral cosmetics. I also use it in my eyeshadow formulations sometimes. Rice powder has healing properties, and is also Kosher grade, which is always a plus! This is definitely one of the base powders that you need, so make sure you order some. It is worth the price, and it is great for making all kinds of formulas. It is a skin softener, has slow oil absorbing properties, and also adds to the slip of the product. It will leave you with a silky application and effect. It is also great as a setting powder or mineral veil.

1s1s1s1s1sA special moment saved
By Lori
My 2 year old niece loved copying her mom putting on her makeup, yet she was going through a lot of allergy testing because nearly everything she ate or touched caused a severe reaction and dr's couldn't pinpoint it. My kids made her some very watered down shadows and blushes for christmas using this and pops and she couldn't have been happier. Plus she didn't have a reaction to it! Saved her mom's special moments of makeup time together :)

1s1s1s1s1sI admit, I cook with it, too.
By LeeAnn
Purchased small amount to use with body powders and it is a great additive for them. Also great for minerals as rice is a healing powder. Oh yes, add a small amount to bath bombs, makes the skin soft!!

1s1s0s0s0sNot soft compared to the various sericite powders
By syn
I was hoping to add the healing powers of rice to my minersl powder but this powder is NOT soft compared to the various sericite powders. Not even close. Noticeable large size particles that looks heavy and feels rough to my delicate skin. Better to use it in a bath than for a face powder. Or put it to some other use. Very disappointed in the Quality.

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