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Z-Cote Zinc Oxide

# KR-401

ON THIS PAGE, YOU ARE PURCHASING THE Z-COTE ZINC OXIDE. If you would like to purchase the HP1 Z-Cote, please click here: HP1 Z-Cote.

We offer two kinds of Z-Cotes:


  • hydrophilic (dispersible in water)
  • uncoated
  • inorganic ingredient that is ideal for hypo-allergenic formulations
  • does not cause allergic reaction
  • Recommended to easily disperse into an Oil in Water emulsions (typical of a "natural/homemade" lotion)

HP1 Z-Cote:

  • hydrophobic (dispersible in oil; a.k.a fat loving)
  • coated with Dimethicone
  • compatible with all oil phases
  • Recommeded for a loose powder formulation because it will tend to not absorb the moisture in the air over time which would result in a clumpy powder.
  • Recommended to easily disperse into a Water in Oil emulsion (typical of a commercial/high performance lotion which has more oil - including silicone oils.

All Z-Cotes are microfine zinc oxides with a particle size of less than 0.2 microns (200 nm). As a result, these Z-Cotesare transparent,non-staining, non-greasywhen applied to the skin by using them alone or mixing them in cosmetic formulas yet still offer both broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

We recommend Z-Cote for sun protection. However, be reminded that if you make a formal claim as to SPF protection of a product which you sell, you are considered by the FDA to be selling an over-the-counter drug. The FDA would require you to conduct independent testing of your product to confirm the SPF rating which you are marketing.

Sunscreen Approval Status and Usage Limits:

  • US: up to 25% Zinc Oxide
  • EU: up to 10% Zinc Oxide
  • Japan: Zinc Oxide approved with no limit
  • Australia: Zinc Oxide approved with no limit

To view the FDA'S rulings with regard to testing and labeling of sunscreen products, click here:FDASunscreen Regulations.(Please let us know if this hyperlink does not work).

Click hereto read HP1Z-Cote.

Click here to read details on the particle size of the Z-Cote as relates to the issue of "nanoparticles".

BASF offers a sunscreen simulator online which can give you an idea of how much SPF you might get by adding the zinc. It is a somewhat technical calculator and not "consumer geared", but you might find it interesting. You have to register, but it is quick and painless and you get your password right away:

Click on the View Additional Image hyperlink above to see from left to right: lo-micron zinc oxide, Z-Cote, and micronized titanium dioxide.

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sNice and Sheer
By Susan
Z Cote was one of the reasons for my first order from TKB. I use a large percentage of Zinc Oxide in my personal formulations. This is very sheer is comparison to the regular Zinc Oxide I have used in the past. As a result my foundation is lighter weight and more shear. I love it!!

1s1s1s1s1sLove Z Cote!
By Jessica
This makes a great sheer foundation - and is especially good for women with darker skin tones as it doesn't make your foundation white like regular ZO.

1s1s1s1s1sWorks Great in Lotion for a quick Sunscreen
By Holly
My husband refuses to touch regular sunscreen. REFUSES. And he works outdoors sometimes. So I put a bunch of this in with his regular Lubriderm lotion and lo and behold, it worked just as well as the SPF 30 I usually try to put on him. Z-Cote in lotion has much less of that heavy sunscreen ick feeling. Z-Cote is fabulous in foundation formulas too- I always add some and I never have to worry about sunblocking my face.

1s1s0s0s0sNot so transparent........
By Karen
I make my own sunscreen @ 22 -25% ZnO. I tried this based on others reviews and frankly, it leaves me very white.

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