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Nylon 12

# LO-201
Nylon 12

Nylon-12 Powder is white base powder with a good price point, used in making all kinds of cosmetics. It is a great substitute for Talc, and has a similar soft skin feel. It is also shown to not block skin pores the way that mica and talc can. It has great slip, moderate oil absorption. The micron size is an average of 6-9 microns and it rolls across the skin because it is formed into spherical beads (as opposed to Mica's plate like shape, as an example).

These spherical beads allows the loose powder to expand and contract along the fine lines of the skin without filling them in, giving a nice, smooth appearance. It is also hypo-allergenic. The product is made in Korea.

This feedback from Sylvia, who asked us to bring this in: "Thanks for getting in nylon 12. Not only do cosmetics look finer when it is added, it's really hard to press mattes without it. The light ones are easier, but the really dark ones need the nylon 12 to keep the darkness."

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sA must have!
By kelli
I wanted to make sure and submit a review because I don't want TKB to think this raw material isn't a keeper. Because it is! I actually made a formulation mistake and forgot to include nylon 12, and the pressed powder suffered as a result. Not as 'soft'; not as 'bouncy'. I've updated my notes, and I will never be creating a formula without it again! If in doubt, just grab a sample. You'll buy more later!

1s1s1s1s1sAwesome product
By Amanda
I've been using this in my foundations and especially mineral veils, and it's a beautiful product. It gives a satin like finish, and I feel that over time my own skin has improved from using this as it doesn't irritate the skin. It's also adhesive and lasts.

1s1s1s1s1sI'd be NAKED without it!!
By lynn
Nylon-12 is the guardian-angel of all my formulations! ...Silky-soft & fabulous, Nylon-12 is a blessing for big pores, acne scars, and super-sensitive breakout-prone skin. This dreamy powder floats over your skin without settling into pores or fine lines. It has great staying-power & won't crease in your eye shadows. In fact, Nylon-12 is one of the main ingredients in 16 hours department-store-type eye shadows (ie:NARS), foundations (ie:MAC Pro Longwear),and waterproof eyeliners (ie:Stila). So, if you haven't yet tried Nylon-12, TODAY is the day! :)

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