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Star Bite Collection

# KW-504
KW 2/10
2/10/2014 UPDATE: This collection includes the NEW Marinda Star as a substitute for the old version. The photos will be updated a little later.

Star Bites are extra bright, small glittery iridescent color additives which appear as a white, semi-irridescent powder until rubbed on the skin, or set against a dark color.

Currently we have three colors:

  • Marinda Star shifts from red to orange to yellow
  • Shanira Sun shifts from gold, to green to blue
  • Cherika Moon shifts blue, to purple, to red orange

The sample size is approximately 2.5 grams (1 teaspoon) packed in a zip lock bag (not in the jar as photographed). We also sell the colors in 1 ounce sizes, packed in zip lock bags.

If you like our Sparks! collection, you will also like our Star Bites. Here are the differences:

  • Star Bites are a larger particle size, about 100-260 microns. This makes them somewhat more sparkly than Sparks! which range from 20-200 microns.
  • Star Bites are made from Synthetic Fluorophylogopite, whereas Sparks! are made from Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate. As a result the Star Bites are more transaprent and give a better luster, stronger and cleaner color range and intensified brightness.

Click on the Additional Image above to see the colors (from left to right) Shanika Sun, Marinda Star, Cherika Moon when placed against a dark background.

Shanika Sun Marinda Star Cherkia Moon
Select Size*
Sample (2.5g) each (using the NEW Marinda Star)  $6.00
1 ounce each (using the NEW Marinda Star)  $35.00
4 ounces each (using the NEW Marinda Star)  $99.00
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s0s0sThe colors are great but hard to franken with samples
By Melanie
The samples come in these jars that are really difficult to get glitter out of to pour into a nail polish bottle. They'd be better without the sifters. TKB responds: Noted, we are actually moving to pack our franken colors in the baggies instead of the stackable jars, to make it easier and also more affordable for our international customers.

By Brandy
These are simply tunning additions to TKB's lineup. I love Marinda Star best, and I hope to see more colors added to this lineup soon!

By Rene'
These Star Bites bring in a new era of intensity for interference colors. There is nothing out there like these and they are hard to describe because they shine, glow and sparkle all at once. The underlying interference colors packs a punch and they are amazing when swatched.

By Florence
These are so amazing! I love them, photos don't make them justice. Can't wait to try creating nail polish with them!!!

1s1s1s1s1sSparks Meets Travel To
By Megan
I really don't know how else I would use these except in lip gloss or nail polish. I do acrylic/uv gel nails and I plan to use these star bites in my acrylic powder mix. They have the loveliest shade of awesomeness!!!

1s1s1s0s0spretty, but not very usable
By silvia
These colors are very pretty, it's a shame they can't be used in shadows. I made some gloss for myself, using only polisobutene 1200(very thick), and the sparks would have been just as good. The Shanika Sun was the only different one. Very pretty, but they all sunk to the bottom of the gloss. I'm glad I didn't make up some for sale yet. Oh well. TKB Responds: We are bringing in similar colors with a smaller particle size which should meet your criteria. They really rock in nail polish!

By Elizabeth
these are so bright and shimmery and the colors are very lovely. fantastic in polish!

1s1s1s1s1sIncredible duochrome in nail polish
By Catherine
I purchased these after a recommendation from Kaila. These star bites are incredible added to nail polish and used as a top coat over black. The finish is like a duo-chrome glass fleck polish. My favourite is Cherika Moon, with the blue/purple shift, but the others are very pretty too. Great price for what you get!

1s1s1s1s1sCherika Moon
By sharon
BEAUTIFUL! Cannot describe how these look.Add them to nail polish and it totally changes it.I cant stop staring at my nails!

1s1s1s1s0sBeautiful, but large glitter size
By Angie
I am only intending on using these for nail polish. I love the colors and the way the pigments change, but I was hoping they would be a finer grade. These seem large and grainy. They are smooth on the nail, but the glitter is noticeable. I bought some pigments off of someone that are meant for car paint and the grade is much finer and it changes so well in the light! I hope you guys can get your hands on some color changing pigments that are a finer grade. That is my only complaint. Otherwise, Beautiful and good quality!

By Amanda
I don't make polish but I use these as body shimmers and they are stunning! I will definitely be buying these again. And I love the stackable jars they are easy to use and refill :)

1s1s1s1s0sPretty, but I'm confused
By Bobbi
I couldn't figure out why my Cherika Moon looked exactly like my least favorite, Shanira sun, I guess there was a mix up with my order and I ended up with a bag labeled Cherika moon that actually contained Shanira Sun. Unfortunately, I've had these pigments for months, so it's probably too late to rectify the problem. TKB Responds: feel free to email us at, we are happy to try to help out.

1s1s1s1s1sanother use for these gems
By laurice
I make my own colored acrylic I used cherika moon with grape pop and a lil bit of bishops violet mixed with acrylic powder and holy snazzoly I have the prettiest sparkeliest purple ! My grand daughter spend hours playing with grammas nails she kept says PURPLE !!!!PURPLE !!!OOOOHH PRETTY

1s1s1s1s1sWow, wow, and WOW!
By Deanna M
I have a real weakness for color shifting anything, and these are just off the charts when it comes to wow factor. I am incredibly impressed, and really glad I picked these up. I mix up little sample bottles for a 'swatch collection', and just the basic swatches of these are absolute stunners as polish, the dazzle factor is spectacular. I can't wait to use them!

By Lauren
I've ordered these before and really like them. I always order samples so I can get them in jars. This time they came in baggies so extreme sad face since it states jars :( TKB Responds: So sorry about that, we will update the site right now. We had a lot of complaints that the jars were too hard to work with for people adding the product to nail polish.

1s1s1s1s1sBreath taking!
By Tammy
Absolutely love these!! Arrived quickly too.

1s1s1s1s1sBest surprise ever!!!
By Louise
After order all 3 samples, and letting them sit in my drawer forgotten for weeks - I pulled the baggies out and created at least 8-10 new and unique polishes that are spectacular! Nice in the polish alone, but WOWWOWOW when applied over a dark polish. I will never tell my secret :) Downside...this is such a fine powder, that the second you open the bag, or scoop from the bag - a poof of fine glitter fills the air and then lands like a beautiful glittery dust over everything :) Could be worse!

1s1s1s1s1sso pretty! especially Marinda Star!
By Katie

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