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5-Free Frankenpolish Uncolored Nail Polish Suspension Bases (Luster and Glamour)

# QI
10/24 kw
7/13/16 Update: We now offer 5 fluid ounces at the old 4 fluid ounce price!

Luster Base: A creamy, slightly yellow suspension base made for suspending mica and pigments.

Glamour Base: A clear, thicker suspension base for suspending glitter, slightly violet in hue (click the More Details hyperlink to read about why we choose to have a violet tinted base).

Click here to see a comparison of the polishes and how well they suspend glitter.

On this page, you are allowed to purchase ONLY IF you are located in the 48 continguous states of the USA or Canada.

A regular nail polish bottle holds about 15ml and our cute frankenpolish bottles hold about 5ml.

All the bases are "5-Free". This means they do not contain camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or formaldehyde resins.

For more information on the removal of these chemicals from nail polish, please click here. For specific ingredients list and MSDS for the products, please click on the More Details hyperlink beneath the photo above.

Additionally, all bases are cruelty-free.

Please click on the More Details hyperlink above for instructions on how you can ship your own frankenpolish creations to customers and friends using the US Postal Service.

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301 : Luster Base 5 fl oz   $4.95
302 : Luster Base 16 fl oz   $12.50
303 : Luster Base 32 fl oz  $23.50
401 : Luster Base 1 Gallon  $84.00
401 : Luster Base 6 Gallonz  $425.00
Out Of Stock 304 : VIOLET TINTED Glamour Base 5 fl oz   $4.95
Out Of Stock 305 : VIOLET TINTED Glamour Base 16 fl oz  $12.50
Out Of Stock 306 : VIOLET TINTED Glamour Base 32 fl oz  $23.50
Out Of Stock 402 : VIOLET TINTED Glamour Base 1 Gallon  $84.00
Out Of Stock 402 : VIOLET TINTED Glamour Base 6 Gallons  $425.00
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I understand that this order cannot be RUSHED, that it will ship Fedex GROUND and that I must be in the 48 contiguous US states or Canada. 
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212a : Twist Top Spout for 32 floz Bottle  $0.10
212b : Twist Top Spout (can fit 16 floz, 4 floz, or 1 floz Bottle)  $0.10
213 : No Thanks 
Terms and Conditions: You must agree to all*
I understand that this product is not for use by children and I affirm that I am an adult. 
Terms and Conditions: You must agree to all*
I have read the Safety info (MSDS in the More Details hyperlink above). I accept all risk and liability. 
Terms and Conditions: You must agree to all*
I understand the hazards of handling bulk nail polish: in particular I will not smoke near the product nor store it near a spark or flame and I will not work in a poorly ventilated environment. 
Customer Reviews
By Enjoli
I ordered the "glamour base" and it was easy to work with but it stained my nails. Im not sure why either, all I did was use TKB micas to make my polish...Is there anyway to make it not stain?? TKB Responds: A base coat would be a good idea, and use less color.

1s1s1s1s1sLuster base
By sharon
Its great! Creamy yellow and hold pigment great! I use it with a small amount of chericka moon and travel to earth for a layering polish over black! So pretty! HINT for all you indie polish lovers. Mixed with indian blue makes a great Cosmic Ocean dupe!!!

By victoria
will you carry any clear and or pearl bases TKB responds: Yes! All in the works! July or August, 2012

By Renee
Haven't really gotten to play with it much yet but the ones I have made have been wonderful! Took a while to get because USPS goofed up! But loving it just the same! Thanks to TKB for being great and reshipping when USPS did mess up! Wonderful place!

1s1s1s1s1swow; i can make my own nail polish!
By Dorothy
i'm having a fit, cause fancy nail polish is expensive, I could not tell which commercial brands were good(some popular ones are lousy)and that apricot mica-color is MY COLOR!no more Sephora!ha ha.yow. i bought some of the first mineral powder makeup,years ago, while it was new and cheap, now it's outta price.ohmy; i can finally make real tangerine,metallic makeup and my own gold nail polish, and not depend on commercial wonder i was practicing my color-shade-wheels lately!(on computer-art)i was getting ready for this! :)

1s1s1s1s1sI love both bases
By Aurelie
I use to play with polish and pigments since a long time now, and now I can play with glitter too with the glamour base. I am very happy with the quality of these products!

1s1s1s1s0sBase + Customer Service
By cherry
I love your franken supplies especially your glamour suspension base. I have never bought a suspension base from any company before & i would like to stick with your company, but i just wish you guys would have a better customer service. I know you guys are probably busy but i just wish you guys had a better customer service and also i wish the shipping didn't take that long. I would hate to not order from you guys anymore, so please make your customer service better. Thank you & have a great thanksgiving. TKB Responds: Thanks for your honest review. We are working hard on improving our shipping turnaround by implementing new systems. With regard to general customer service, this is a huge priority to me so I will send you a private email to better understand your concerns there. Providing excellent customer service and improving the customer experience is an every day commitment for us.

1s1s1s1s1sHas anyone tried violet glamour base?
By Irina
Are there any reviews or pictures of the violet base?

1s1s1s1s1sViolet Tinted Base - Actually looks 99.999% Clear
By Porter
I really love the new formula on the suspension base! I think the violet tint makes it look more clear than the old suspension base. Once you put glitter in it - even all white glitter! - you get a nice clear clean look. Hope this product sticks around! TKB Responds: It will. We have settled on this product line. We think it is superior, too.

1s1s1s1s1sGlamour Base is glamorous
By Angela
Really liking the Glamour base. It is nearly transparent and the violet tint is perfect. It is super thick, sometimes too thick. I have been experimenting with a blend mostly Glam base and some thinner clear coat blended in and it still suspends even big glitter just fine. Highly recommend this product. Thanks for supplying it :)

1s1s1s1s1sNew Glamour Base
By Julia
The violet base looks clear in a nail polish, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm very happy with it.

1s1s1s0s0sGreat base/ Horrible shipping
By Tammy
Love love love the product! It's absolutely awesome! But it is hard to be happy when it takes 5 days for the order to ship plus 5-6 more days for FedEx to deliver it. That's almost 2 weeks after ordering. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars no question. TKB responds: customer is probably on the east coast. Shipping is not as long in other parts of the country. Our turnaround inhouse is 3-5 business days. We are working on doing better. Thanks for the feedback!

1s1s1s1s1sGlamour Base
By Kimberlee
This base is awesome. I have used it to suspend glitters, but my favorite use for it is to create beautiful jellys.

1s1s1s1s0sGlamour Base
By Ashley
Suspension base works fairly well, but has issues with larger glitters. Using the Tkb red glitter hearts after a week they all ended up at the bottom. Usually 2 weeks from order before it arrives. Love the containers it comes in! Any way to make the base dry faster? Thank you TKB TKB Responds: Much faster on shipping now!

1s1s1s1s0sLove TKB
By April
Love TKB products. I have had a great experience with everything I've purchased. Just wish processing and shipping time was better :( You have to make sure to order in almost two weeks in advance from the time you need your product. That's my only complaint though! If shipping was faster, 5 stars easy! TKB Responds: Good news is that we are now shipping much faster! So yeah!

1s1s1s1s0sGlamour base drying time?
By Nuvia
I was wondering is there is any additive I can use to make the glamour base dry faster? This is the far the best base for suspending glitters I'm extremely happy with it.. I just wished it dried faster.. Any subjestions please?! TKB Responds: If the product were made to dry faster, it would suspend more poorly. You can have one, or the other, but not both. If you add more ethyl acetate it will dry more quickly but destroy the suspending properties.

1s1s1s1s0sGlam and Luster
By John
We've been using both bases for a few months now and love them. The glamour base holds wonderfully! We're still trying to create the right mixture as they can be rather thick and stringy if not diluted. Any tips on getting the right consistency? TKB Responds: You can thin nail polish with thinner, or acetone, but in both cases you run the risk of losing the suspension. I like to thin them with some "top coat" or "clear coat" instead.

1s1s1s1s1sMan needs help.
By Ivan
I would like to make my wife a nice deep rich nail polish for a gift. Which base do I use? I am not adding any glitter just powder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. TKB Responds: Luster Base.

1s1s1s1s1sLove your bases
By Wendy
Love the Luster and Glamour bases. Quick question though... If I want to add glitter and Mica/pigment together which base would I use? TKB Responds: Depends on how much of each but I would generally recommend the Luster.

1s0s0s0s0sWhy Change Glamour Base?
By Tina
Finally found a base that did not knock you down (from the smell). You were the ONLY company I could buy from that had this great base.PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring the old violet tinted base back.Thanks TKB Responds: No changes have been made. Nail Polish is made in relatively small batches and there are always variations, batch to batch. It is the nature of the beast.

By Jennifer
So does your 3/2/2015 update mean you didn't change the glamour base since about a month ago when you got complaints about your glamour base you obviously 'cut' too much? I had issues with that glamour base suspending .015 - .030 glitter, not even 'chunky' glitter!!! TKB Responds: We pour from large drums. Batches vary "batch to batch" and also "drum to drum". That is why we are posting photos of the product "in use" and asking customers to read and look at the photos before ordering. It is our attempt to be open and transparent while we service the customers who have reported no problems. We really regret that you had an issue. When a customer is unhappy, as you were, we ask them to open a ticket. We will respond to their ticket in a positive and supportive manner. I really hope you use our ticket system and open a ticket so that we can issue you a refund or otherwise make things right in a manner that works for you. Also, we don't "cut" our base, not sure where you got that info from. There would be no reason to do that, it would just make a bad product and I can't actually see how an unscrupulous vendor would even save money doing it. Cutting our base would be a very poor decision. I'm really sad that there are people out there that think TKB is a deliberately disinterested vendor. We'll redouble our efforts.

1s1s1s1s1sAMAZING glitter suspension base!!!!
By Shelley
Wow. My hex glitter is still suspended in my glamour base from a month ago. Just placed my second order. LOVE this stuff! (Oh and no staining... only a slight violet tint to this base that is barely visible)

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