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Pressing Ribbon

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This is the same ribbon used by the professionals in their fancy pressing machines. The ribbon measures approximately 3.5" wide and we are selling it in approximate increments of 3 feet (one yard).

One yard will press about 10-12 of our largest square tins, and lots lots more of the smaller tins. The ribbon is somewhat reusable because you don't have to press just once and then toss the ribbon away. As long as you are working the same color, you can use the same piece over and over again.

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SK-504 : 1 yard  $1.00
SK-210 : 5 yards  $4.49
Customer Reviews
By silvia
I just got the ribbon in today and I had to try it out right away. It doesn't look that special when you look at it, but my shadow looks so perfect I almost don't want to use it. This is definitely a keeper!!!

1s1s1s1s0sGreat product!
By Melissa
This is a very sturdy, synthetic fiber ribbon. It can easily be cut into smaller strips for working with. I cut it, singe the ends with a lighter and then wash and re-use.

1s1s1s1s1sBetter than ribbon
By Amber Rose
I had been using craft ribbon to press my eyeshadows for about a year now. I have been meaning to put a review up about this press ribbon to say how much I love it. It is amazing. Its easy to work with, leaves a clean pattern and is washable. I have tried many different types of craft ribbon over the last year and no one of them comes close to the great press that this product gives.

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