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Her Majesty

# KQ-402
Her Majesty

Exceedingly glittery and non-opacifying.

This photo really doesn't do the product justice as it is much more purple than blue. A deep grape purple with hot pink shimmer. For applications such as a unique bath or hair gel also particularly suited to nail enamels.

The particle size of the Reflecks is large enough that you can feel the powder between your fingers as a slight grittiness. For this reason, it is not the best choice for a face powder.

Ingredients: Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510), Tin Oxide (778161).

Cosmetic Grade.
USA approved for use: Eyes, Face, NOT lips. EU approved for use: Lips, Eyes, Face. Due to the large particle size of the Reflecks powders, we do not recommend them for use around the eyes, although they are technically approved for that use.
Recommended for nail polish. Not recommend for soap making as it is likely to fade over time in Melt & Pour Soap; will immediately fade in Cold Process soap.

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sIt really is royal!
By Rene'
The description is right--it's more purple than blue, but the two colors create an electrifying tapestry of vibrant effects. Her Majesty is amply named because it's far more royal and complex than an ordinary blue glitter.

By Megan
Reminds me more of a Concord grape blue/violet glitter

By Krista
I love this glitter. Though it is a little expensive the sparkle and hint of colour that it provides in nail polish is extremely lovely. I prefer to use them as accent colours and though it is a little gritty if handled it is much much finer than normal glitters and does NOT create a bumpy or gritty texture in the nail polish when applied. I just wish there were more colour options too, like a dark green and a red (preferably without carmine!)

By diana
Amazing! Looks just like the pic, but much prettier! Super sparkly, sheer, but perfect to add pizzaz to your creations! :)

1s1s1s1s1squite possibly the prettiest glitter...
By Katie
I mean, I bought samples of this glitter, and the others in this category, and this violet blue glitter, with the pink glow,is very unique :-D beautiful!

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