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Watch our video to see how ez this really is! Waterdrop tip, 12.1mm lipstick molds.
$239.00 - $239.00
NEWLY IMPROVED: metal 4-cavity 12.1mm lipstick mold is now easier to clean and produces a really awesome tip shape.
$49.00 - $139.00
Pressing tools for the Large Square tins (52mm)
Press Pack for the 44mm Rounds
Pressing tools for the Large Rectangular tins (54x26mm)
Pressing tools for the Small Rectangular tins (27mmx13mm)
Pressing tools for the Small Round 26 mm tins.
Pressing tools for the Large Round 36 mm tins.
Press Pack for our 24x21mm Tins
Pressing tools for the 15mm Round tins.
Pressing tools for the Small Square 26 mm tins.


Make your own lip and eye liner products.

$2.95 - $39.25
Perfect for lipstick bases, waxes and melt pour projects
$1.75 - $6.45

By Customer Request: MMC Spatulas and Melter Cups!

$0.99 - $0.99
A set of THREE spoons used in many of our recipes
Used for projects such as lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss, etc.
Great for small projects.
These can REPLACE our plastic Recipe Scoops (if you want to).
Use with oils, Versagel, etc. Especially for filling lip gloss tubes.
Handy and dandy
Tiny plastic funnels used to fill a perfume bottle.
Keep your work area clean!
Scrape On!
Let's get it mixed! Great for small projects.
Cutie Double Cutie! Great for small projects.
Scoop every last bit of mica out of your baggie.
By customer request.
Similar to our Medium Recipe Scoops
Organize samples of your nail color creations

Compact and portable 5 Piece Set mixer!

Handy little stick for application or stirring, specially chosen to work with our small nail polish bottles.
$0.75 - $3.00
Now in three Sizes!
$5.95 - $11.95
Scrap up powder and soap scraps quickly.
Stainless steel beads made for nail polish bottles.
$0.50 - $14.50
For freestyle drawing or to make applying rhinestones easy.
Plastic 4-cavity Lipstick Mold. Make your own Lippies! (12.1 mm cup size)
$29.00 - $29.00
Pressing ribbon sold in by the yard
Perfect for filling a nail polish bottle!
$1.49 - $13.49
Showing All 38 Items.
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