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Liquid Lake Sampler

# KV-504
Liquid Lake Sampler

Our Liquid Lakes are designed to color bath salts, bath bombs and aromatherapy crystals. They also work fine inlotion, shampoo, soaps and other toiletries. Note: great in Melt and Pour soap, but not tested in CP or HP soap.

1 drop of Liquid Lake turns one 1 tablespoon of salt to a medium shade.

This sampler includes one of each of our Liquid Lakes: Bright Blue, Bright Yellow, Warm Yellow, Tomato Red, Warm Red, Baby Pink, Bright Orange.

Read instructions on how this product is used to color Bath Salts by clicking on the More Details hyperlink above.

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1/2 fluid ounces  $8.75
2 fluid ounces  $29.75
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sGood set of dyes
By Katie
I got these in my search to find professional colorants primarily for bath bombs and liquid laundry soap. I love them! They're cost effective- a little seriously goes a long way and despite the limited color range, I can very easily mix up my own colors! (remember to premix new colors in a separate bottle though, don't try to mix in the product itself or it likely won't blend right!)

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