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Copper Sparks!

# KQ-203

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Sparks! are a dramatic, natural, glitter for use in body glitters, eye shadows and nail laquers. Sparks! are very transparent and reflective, similar to glitter. However, glitter is typically made from metal or plastic. Our Sparks! are made from a thin, smooth and uniform mineral platelet of Calcium-Aluminum-Borosilicate. This means they are: a) mineral based, and b)softer to the touch.

Our Sparks! are vivid and fun, and an excellent product to blend with other colors. Add a Spark! to any other color and you've just amped up the vamp in one easy step.

Luckily, you don't need a lot of Sparks! to make a difference, as this color is a tad spendy.

Here are some tips for making the best of your Sparks!:

  • Mix gently, avoid using a coffee bean grinder or similar device.
  • The more transparent the base, the more glittery the effect (example: lip balm instead of lip stick).
  • These are really a great additive to glitter up just about anything, but are especially pretty in pearl colors

*This picture does not reflect how we pack our powders which come in BAGS. We DO NOT pack them in JARS.

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Sample (2.5g)  $1.50
1 ounce  $9.00
4 ounces  $36.00
8 ounces  $70.00
1 pound  $120.00
Customer Reviews
By Kristina
Copper sparks is great to use when you are making a lippie. It adds something extra special to your formulations! I also have used this when making eyeshadows, and duochrome eyeshadows....I really love all of the sparks, and you can do so much with them!

1s1s1s1s1sOne of my favorites
By Florence
I love this color! I use it over a taupe/purple cream eye shadow base and it looks gorgeous. It will stick right on with no fall out during the day. It's my favorite way of using this product.

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