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Colorona DARK Blue

# KD-204
Colorona DARK Blue
A luxuriant medium-deep blue that appears nearly matte in the container but which rubs on to a medium-high sheen.

Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510).

Cosmetic Grade.
USA approved for use: Eyes, Face, NOT Lips.
EU approved for use: Lips, Eyes, Face.
Recommended for nail polish. Not recommend for soap making as it is likely to fade over time in Melt & Pour Soap; will immediately fade in Cold Process soap.

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Sample (2.5g)  $1.50
1 ounce  $5.00
4 ounces  $15.00
8 ounces  $29.50
1 pound  $59.00
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s0sgood basic dark blue
By Judith
This is a good basic dark blue, without the purple, to have on hand when playing with your colors. It has medium/high coverage and sheen without being glittery.

1s1s1s1s1sExceeded My Expectations
By Megan
As an avid MAC user I expected this to be ok,so I only bought a sample for $1.50,and WOW this is better than mac and cheaper. I was super mad with the new MAC downsizing and no price change,and I stumbled upon this site. I'm stuck now! I'll no longer buy MAC!! Thank you TKB

1s1s1s1s1sCustom Spray Paint
By Kerin
This dark blue is so wonderful so bright n sheeny. I have been looking for such a blue like this for a long time it works well in custom spray paint for cars!!! love you TKB your my most favourite site now!!

1s1s1s1s0sVery pretty
By Rebecca
This color is pretty awesome

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