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DO NOT PUT ON THE WEBSITE Flexstyle Palettes

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DO NOT PUT ON THE WEBSITE Flexstyle Palettes

We sell our magnetic Flexstyle Palettes as a set of TWO palettes for one fixed price.

Each set includes:

  • Two magnetic palettes (you can pick from Texture Black, Glittery Black, Glittery Gold)
  • Three Removeable Foam Inserts (we have three styles, 11-cavity foam for 26mm tiles, 6-cavity foam for 36mm tiles)

TKB's Flexstyle Palettes are unlike any other on the market. (click on the More Details hyperlink above for more about that). They are small enough to fit into a purse but large enough to be useful at 18cm x 11cm x 1.5cm.

Now . . . Go Shopping!

Simply choose which two palettes you want. The three foam inserts will ship with it automatically.

Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sFlexstyle Palettes Are Amazing
By Mitzell
I love this palettes they are made so good the quality is amazing the colors are so beautiful great value the prize awesome highly recommend them I got the gold and glitter black they are beautiful

incredibly glittery and sparkly. the glitter.does NOT fleck off and the construction is immaculate,.durable and very well made. the magnet floor is very strong. I gave it a good hard shake and the plans did not come out. You'd have to bang it on a counter to pop the pans out. the plastic window is a very hard plastic that does not cave in or bend. LOVE THEM! I fir the gold ones :) and the magnetic lid closes very well too!

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