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DO NOT PUT ON THE WEBSITE Freestyle Pressed Powder Kit

# GA-303
DO NOT PUT ON THE WEBSITE Freestyle Pressed Powder Kit

With the ingredients in this kit, you will have plenty of product to make 15 unique, ready-to-wear eye shadows.

Here is what is included in the kit:

  • 1 small freestyle palette with 26mm and 15mm empty tins (this palette is not available for separate purchase)
  • 8 unique and ready-to-wear eye shadow colors, including:
    • Matte Yellow Pop
    • Matte Red Pop
    • Matte Blue Pop
    • Patagonia Purple Mica
    • Passion Orange Mica
    • Aisha Gold Interference Color
    • Metallic White Pigment
    • My Mix Pressing Base
  • A bottle of MyMix Pressing Binder and a bottle of Jojoba Oil
  • A set of measuring spoons, 24 mixing bags and a pair of gloves
  • 24 eye shadow applicators
  • 1 foot of pressing ribbon
  • 2 tamper tools and four press tiles

Click on the More Details hyperlink above for general instructions

Check out our Press Your Own Makeup: Beginner Kit for video on how to start pressing your powders.

Price: $39.00
List Price: $39.00
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sGreat :)
By Erika
I love this I ordered it through my moms account cause she wanted to start making cosmetics :) so she gave me the palette and I LOVE it!! When are y'all going to start selling it separately? I love it :)

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