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EZ Eye Shadow Kit

# QH-202
KW 3/17
EZ Eye Shadow Kit

With the ingredients in this kit, you will have plenty of product to make 24 unique, ready-to-wear eye shadows. Click on the More Details hyperlink to see examples of colors you can make, as well as general instructions.

Here is what is included in the kit:

  • 24 high-quality square jars with sifters and lids (each jar holds approx. 1.5 grams of loose powder)
  • 9 unique and ready-to-wear eye shadow colors, including:
    • Shimmer Lemon Pop
    • Shimmer Raspberry Pop
    • Shimmer Blueberry Pop
    • Shimmer Apple Pop
    • Shimmer Grape Pop
    • Shimmer Tangerine Pop
    • Black Mica
    • Pearl Basics
    • InduRose Interference pigment
  • 24 mixing bags
  • A set of measuring spoons
  • 24 eye shadow applicators
  • 1 jar of Eye Fix Primer (to improve adhesion)
  • 1 bottle of iLine wetliner (for foiling)

Here is an example recipe, click on the More Details hyperlink above to see more:

2 Shimmer Apple

1 Shimmer Blueberry

3 Pearl Basics

Price: $39.00
List Price: $39.00
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sAnother Awesome Kit
By Rosa
TKB puts together the BEST kits. Everything is so comprehensive and well-paired. I made about a dozen shades as soon as I cracked this open, and every one was a winner. (Look under the Recipe tab under Color Blends for tons of awesome mixes!) These shimmer blends are super easy to mix,have amazing dimension and are incredibly versatile. Like all TKB jars, the included ones are super sturdy. They're small (3 gram size, I think?), but perfect for mixing an entire collection from just this kit. Including the applicators is a nice touch, and I'm interested to try both the primer and the foiling liquid. This would be perfect for a party or group activity; if you have a teen party coming up, this would be an awesome and affordable craft/favor. Definitely recommended! (P.S.- When I purchased this, it was the only instock item that included the Shimmer Grape Pop. So, if you're really wanting something specific, check the kits and sample packs- it might still be available somewhere.)

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