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Shimmer Pop Collection

# KW-609
KL 0909

Our Shimmer Pop Micas are "ready to wear".

Collection comes with the following finished eye shadows:

  • Shimmer Raspberry
  • Shimmer Blueberry
  • Shimmer Lemon
  • Shimmer Apple
  • Shimmer Grape
  • Shimmer Tangerine

 Note:  These are not the same as TKB's old Pop Micas which were popular with soapmakers.  Please do not use them to make soap as they are not all soap stable.  Thanks.

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Sample (6g) each  $8.10
1 ounce each  $25.50
4 ounces each  $89.00
1 pound each  $299.00
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sGreat colors!
By shanta
These colors are vibrant and beautiful. My customers love them as is but they are also key to making a variety of my other best selling eyeshadow colors.

1s1s1s1s1sThese are GREAT in Nail Polish
By Mardi
I love using these in nail polish! I can combine them with some of the other powders like the Hilites or Moondusts to make them even MORE amazing. I also like to add the liquid nail polish bases to make them more opaque or darker.

1s1s1s1s0sgreat collection
By Jessica
Great for beginners, seen many vjkdeos feature this collection on YouTube but was very sad to realize it no longer comes with 7 colors, what happened to strawberry pop? I feel like I was jipped out of a few bucks, you should have added a replacement. TKB Responds: Keep your eyes on us, we always add new products.

1s1s1s0s0sSame great colors, not stable!
By Rebeccca
So, I was excited to see the colors back in stock, but they are not soap stable anymore! Since it doesn't warn you on the page I thought I had to post this. I will still use them in other applications, but that is what I bought them for. So I went to the sop stable tab and they sell matte pop colors that are close, but they aren't stable either! Why are they even on the soap page? Sorry for my rant, it just sucks to have a whole batch of soap ruined. I still love your products and will continue to purchase from you. TKB responds: The info is on the individual color pages, as well as photos of what they look like in soap, but we missed that on the collections page. We'll update that right away.

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