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TKB Franken Polish: Magic Diamond Nail Polish

# QI-205
TKB  Franken Polish: Magic Diamond Nail Polish
7/13/16 Update: We now offer 5 fluid ounces at the old 4 fluid ounce price!

Magic Diamond is a pre-colored nail polish made from cosmetic grade ingredients. It is part of our Magic Trio, which includes Magic Holographic, Magic Diamond and Magic Mirror.

Magic Diamond and Magic Mirror are similar, and it is hard to really catch their differences in photography. But when you work with them you will see a difference. In short, Magic Diamond is a sparkly metallic silver and Magic Mirror has more of a smooth, mirror like finish. Both are made primarily from aluminum.

Please click on the More Details hyperlink to see a short video comparing the three.

Here are some general suggestions.

  • Use the product full strength just like a regular polish. If you feel it is too color intense, simply thin it down with some clear coat polish that you have.
  • Add drops of Magic Diamond to other colors (ones you make or ones you buy) to transform them! Just be advised that because the product has a strong silver/black tone, it tends to look best when blended into blue/green/purples. It looks a little muddy in pinks, reds and yellows.

The 1/2 ounce product comes with a flat top cap. If you wish, you may add on extra specialty caps.

On this page, you are allowed to purchase ONLY IF you are located in the 48 continguous states of the USA or Canada.

Shipping of Nail Polish generally takes longer than shipping of your other products and no RUSH processing will be allowed. So, if you have an order that includes nail polish bases and other items, and you need your other items sooner, please place two separate orders.

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1/2 fluid ounces  $2.50
5 fluid ounces  $16.50
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I understand that this order cannot be RUSHED, that it will ship Fedex GROUND and that I must be in the 48 contiguous US states or Canada. 
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I understand that this product is not for use by children and I affirm that I am an adult. 
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I have read the Safety info (MSDS in the More Details hyperlink above). I accept all risk and liability. 
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I understand the hazards of handling bulk nail polish: in particular I will not smoke near the product nor store it near a spark or flame and I will not work in a poorly ventilated environment. 
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