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Firestarter Collection

# KW-203
Click on the Additional Image hyperlink above to see swatched from left to right: Ember, Flame and Aurora.
  • On the top: Aurora: a glow of natural pink, a little edgy, a hint of sparkle and metallic sheen
  • On the left: Flame (not approved for lip use): a natural copper with a hint of pink and metallic gleam.
  • On the right: Ember: a medium shade brown, semi translucent mica with gleams of pink/red sparks.
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    Sample (6g) each  $2.90
    1 ounce each  $7.75
    4 ounces each  $29.00
    1 pound each  $85.00
    Customer Reviews
    By laurice
    I love these, the pinkish underhue is fabulous , which is my fav they all are !!!~

    By megan
    These colors are gorgeous absolutely love ember I am def going to buy more of all of them :)

    1s1s1s1s1sAll 3 GREAT!
    By Louise
    I took a chance and didn't buy samples first. Went ahead with the one ounce 3 pack - and I am NOT sorry! When you look just at the powder, they aren't super interesting - but get them wet (for me it's polish) and the colors are breath taking'ly stunning!

    1s1s1s1s1sFull Spectrum Assortment
    By Rosa
    This set is easily its own little palette in a bag. I think I'll be mixing these with a bit of base and pressing them. Nice highlight, midtone and contour shade right here. Get down with some girly browns. (he he)

    1s1s1s1s1sBeautiful collection! :)
    By diana
    All 3 colors are beautiful! Great texture, color, and sheen! I can't decide which one i like best! :)

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