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7 Cosmetic Fluorescents in Powder Form

# KW-504
7 Cosmetic Fluorescents in Powder Form

2/02/15 Update: The Cosmetic Fluorescent Strong Pink has been replaced with "Reborn Strong Pink", which is a reformulation by the manufacturer to contain a different substrate. As a result the hue and performance of the color is the same but the ingredient list is different. Click "More Details", under product photo for ingredient lists.

4/16/12 update: All of these colors are stable and non-bleeding in cold process and melt and pour soap. In nail polish only the following color will blend in smoothly into nail lacquer: Yolk Yellow. We will be releasing a line of bright, nail polish friendly colors very soon.

Customer Reviews
1s1s0s0s0sTotally useless in nail polish :(
By Angie
Great colors--super bright and pretty...but totally useless in nail polish. They clump up and do not mix at all. I wish I'd realized that before I bought them. TKB Responds: Sorry you had to find out the hard way! We'll update our site to indicate which are "polish friendly".

1s1s1s1s1sI have no problem with them
By Shawna
I have used these in nail polish and had no problem at all, What you have to do to mix it into nail polish, is mix a small amount of polish, enough to make a runny paste with it. THAN gradually add the remainder nail polish base. If you add the pigment just t the nail polish and mix, you will get lumps. This works for me all the time, and have no problem with clumping.

1s1s1s1s1sI Agree with Shawna
By Suzette
I mixed them with polish thinner. Had to be careful to squish them around quite a bit to make it really smooth. Then added the polish. They worked beautifully. A little extra work - but these are lovely colors!

1s1s1s1s1sHow is this working in polish?
By Andrea
How are you guys getting these to work in nail polish? This pigments are coated in polyester, which melts in butyl & ethyl acetate, so they should be clumping up into plastic balls. Are you using the non-cosmetic neons instead of these? :/ TKB Reponds: I really don't know what they are doing. I personally have not tried these.

1s1s1s1s1sThanks TKB
By Kimberly
I added these to an order because they were approved for cosmetics use not realizing this EXCLUDES the eyes. However, because I had requested eye approved items, TKB checked my ENTIRE order and contacted me so that I could replace this set saving me money in the process. I will be ordering these when I start my lip line though because these colors are perfectly delicious! Thanks TKB, i'm definitely using you as my supplier from now on!

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