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Absolutely Everything Kit for Making Natural Cosmetics

# X-1360
Absolutely Everything Kit for Making Natural Cosmetics

9/16/14 Update: We have replaced the color "Manganese Violet" with "The Color Violet"

 8/24/24 Update: This kit now comes with the book. The title of the book is, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products by Sally Trew and is INCLUDED with this kit. You may click on the title if you wish to buy the book on it's own.

TKB's Absolutely Everything Kit for Making Natural Cosmetics includes

  • Every ingredient and nearly every tool you will need to make every recipe in the chapter on Mineral Makeup.This chapter includes 8 different foundation color blends based on three different levels of coverage (from sheer to maximum).
  • Every ingredient and nearly every tool you will need to make every recipe in the chapter on Blushes and Bronzers. This chapter has 19 blush recipes and 5 bronzer recipes.


There is a lot of product in this kit. It is a great launching point for someone wanting to get into the business of making color cosmetics.

 The video below shows the exact blushes and bronzers you can make with the kit, just to entice you further ...




All the foundation/blush/bronzer recipes in the book use talc as the base powder. Some people prefer to formulate without talc. If you would like to create makeup without talc, then please click the Talc Free Substitution below.

What will you receive instead of the 1 pound, 4 oz of Talc normally included in the kit?:

  • Instruction sheet on creating a Talc Substitute
  • 4oz Rice Powder
  • 8oz Corn Starch
  • 8oz Sericite Mica treated with Carnauba Wax (CSMAX)
  • 1oz Kaolin Clay
  • 1oz Magnesium Stearate


Some of the foundation/blush/bronzer recipes in the book use carmine and beeswax in their formulary. If you would like to substitute the non-vegan ingredients with a vegan option, simply click the Vegan Substitution box below.

Here is the list of substitutions. Note that the colors are not a direct match, so the colors you make will look different than those shown in the videos:

  • 1 oz Be My Valentine substituted with 1 oz Winterose
  • 1 Sample Carnival Candy substituted with 1 Sample MyMix Peach
  • 1 Sample Pink Coral substituted with 1 Sample MyMix Coral
  • 1 Sample Cote d' Azur substituted with 1 Sample MyMix Mulberry
  • 1 Sample Cloisonne Red substituted with 1 Sample MyMix Heat
  • 1 Sample Sparkle Rose substituted with 1 Sample Bolero
  • 1 Sample Apricot substituted with 1 Sample MyMix Zion Views

Price: $149.00
Optional Substitutions
Talc Free Package 
Vegan Package 
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sExcellent Kit!
By Alithea
Just enough for me to practice on, with a lot of leftovers, will be ordering larger quantities of some of the white powders very soon. Just a tip for anyone creating colours for darker complections, if you're creating recipes from the book, you'll probably need to 1/2 or 3/4 the amount of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide that you add to the grinds and bases otherwise you'll get a chalky, whitish cast that you'll be unable to get rid of even with adding more oxides or colour. I had some premade bases on hand that I was able to use to augment the grinds with and that worked very well but it also effectively changed the formulation from being a loose mineral powder to just a loose powder, so knowing in advance would have been nice. Still an excellent kit though. Thanks once again TKB!!

1s1s1s1s1sAll in one
By Patricia
Love this kit. Many ideas and lots of things to choose from. Needless to say, after purchasing this and playing for a little while, I just had to go back and place another order for mor supplies to keep me busy.

By Deborah
The Complete Idiot’s Guides WebSite shows the guide as available for sale--on 7/5/2014. Nice!

1s1s1s1s1sI want this and will be buying it :)
By Timothy
Can you make liquid foundation with this kit? TKB responds: We do not provide the instructions or liquid portion required, although if you know what you are doing, and have other materials, you could certainly use a lot of what is in the kit to make liquid foundation.

By Sandy
I love love LOVE my kit. I have made the prettiest eyeshadows with this kit. I love it so much I just ordered some more micas. Thanks TKB! :)

1s1s1s1s1sThis Kit Rocks!
By Rosa
I got this today in crazy record time- arrived in 2 days!- and it's amazing! I've already spent an entire afternoon making the foundation color grinds, as well as a blush. If you're at all science or geek-oriented, this is probably the funnest girly chemistry experiment ever. I'm totally inviting my girlfriends over for a night out custom blending. I did have a minute of frustration figuring out how to get the scale to work, but once I realized there was a cover over it, it worked perfectly. I'm really glad I ended up getting the Absolutely Everything kit, because it really was ready to go right out of the box. GREAT product!

1s1s1s1s1sThe absolute best if you're just getting started
By Jennifer
I did a co-op with some friends who can't get the makeup they want. I'm doing the formulations, chemistry, processing, and packaging; I couldn't be happier. I've made a bunch of foundations, blushes, shadows, lipsticks, and gel liners and they're dynamite! (I got the lip/gel liner stuff separately.) This is an AMAZING jumping off point. Start here, then you'll figure out what you need from there. A few notes: If you're making makeup for someone with dark skin, make it using mostly pigments and microspheres, with stearate mica and magnesium stearate. The microspheres don't go ashy. The darkest foundations in the book are for tan white women; ignore if you're darker than that. Also, if you're planning to make stuff in the "marsala" range (pantone color of the year 2015) get yourself some red oxide blue shade.

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