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Small (3ml) & Large (10ml)

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Small (3ml) & Large (10ml)

We use these syringes in our Frankenpolish projects, but they have many uses where you are filling small containers.

The large size will hold up to 10ml of product, the small size is for up to 3ml of product.

Here is a video showing us using them for Frankenpolish projects.

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SK109a : Bag of 5, 3ml Syringe  $2.25
SK109b : Bag of 100, 3ml Syringes  $38.00
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SK115a : Bag of 5, 10ml Syringe  $2.25
SK115b : Bag of 100, 10ml Syringes   $38.00
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sLove it
By Leslie
I was having a crazy time trying to get the lip gloss I've created into one of those lip gloss bottles. This syringe did the trick.

1s1s1s1s1sAcetone resistant
By Andrea
This syringe type is sturdy, accurate, has a good rubber piston that doesn't allow any leaks past the side, and very little liquid (nail polish use) is wasted (a bit in the tip) nor gets stuck on the side of the syringe. The syringe is acetone resistant (it is made out of polypropylene when I checked the manufacturer site, which has a 'good' solvent rating against acetone, not excellent like low density polyethylene, which is hard to find), but acetone (and excess nail polish that runs up the side or gets smeared onto the syringe) can wipe up the gradation marks so watch out for that. At any rate, very useful product to offer. Thanks! (Wish a LDPE or glass version was also supplied - not acrylic, which breaks down when exposed to acetone).

By Ashley
I have started making my own lipglosses using a very sticky, thick-like-molasses polyisobutene, and had no method of entry for the dial-up lip gloss pens I use. I was worried that these syringes would not be strong enough to "inhale" a gloss base this sticky, but they worked like a charm! Made filling gloss tubes no fuss, no muss.

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