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Frankenpolish Monster Kit OUT OF STOCK

# X-1307
VAN 09/12
Frankenpolish Monster Kit OUT OF STOCK

The Frankenpolish Monster Kit is for people who want to take their store-bought nail polish and blend it into adorable tiny bottles to give as gifts or resell on Etsy.

It includes the following:

  • 140 small nail polish bottles (Elizabeth style) with caps and brushes
  • 280stainless steel beads
  • 70 shaker tops
  • 2 Color Charts
  • 30 Shipping Bags
  • 2 Sheets of clear label paper (you choose the style: laser or ink jet)
  • 2 Sheets of white removable label paper

Frankenpolish is where you take premade nail polish and you pour it into a smaller bottle, shake it together and come up with your own unique colors. It is lots of fun.

There is plenty of room in this box to add some glitters or micas.

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