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15 mm round Tin Pans

# QB

**Reddit Shoppers** If you are interested in ordering the 15 mm round tin pans referred in the reddit article. áPlease click here!

Pans are generally for pressed powders, as well as for hot pour and cold process cosmetics. Our pans are tin plate. The alternative (which we do not sell) would be aluminum. The reason we sell tin plate pans is because tin is responsive to magnets. This makes tin pans a perfect choice if you are placing them into any type of magnetic palette.

8/2011 update: Please note that tin pans will rust if they are exposed to water. Aluminum pans will not. If you use rubbing alcohol to clean your pans (which is recommended), please either make sure that the alcohol is full strength (e.g. 99%) or if you use a diluted alcohol (e.g. commonly 70%), make sure that it dries off completely. If you leave your pans sitting in alcohol they may develop rust because 70% alcohol means it also contains 30% water. And water will rust your pans.

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SK306a : 25 Tin Pans  $3.50
SK306b : 100 Tin Pans  $9.00
Customer Reviews
By Jillian
I loved using these! I recommend using the pressing tile rather than your finger as the tile gets the product evenly distributed. It was so easy to turn a bunch of pigment samples into a cute palette of mini's.

1s1s1s1s1sExactly What I needed.
By Tina
These palettes are often less sought after because they're so small, but you can fit a very large quantity of pigment into a pan. I was shocked to see just how much--enough for at least a year's worth in my opinion. But I am pressing highly pigmented shadows from MAC so I can't really speak for all cosmetics. I found myself barely using all of my awesome pigments so I decided to press them and I'm glad I did. Highly recommend is the pressing tile set and the pressing solution! My little eyeshadows are great.I really think you'll like the pans as much as I do. :)

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