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Press Pack: 15mm Round NEW STYLE AND PRICE!

# QB-SK305b
Press Pack: 15mm Round NEW STYLE AND PRICE!
Our Press Packs are organized to get you started in the craft of pressing your own powders.

Each Press Pack includes:

  • Two Pressing Tiles. Pressing Tiles are pieces of acrylic plastic which have been machine cut to perfectly nest inside our pans. They come to you covered in a protective sheet of brown paper, which you should remove prior to pressing. If you have been using a coin to press your powders, our Pressing Tiles are used in a similar manner. Additionally, you may use a c-clamp or vise grip to press the tile into the powder and pan.
  • One Tamping Tool. The Tamping Tool is simply a Pressing Tile with a handle attached. We use it to tamp down the first two layers of powder, as well as to make that last final press. In fact, we often use the Tamping Tool only in our projects, and never use a pressing tile.
  • Nine Tinplate Godets. A Tinplate Godet is a fancy word for a pan. Our pans are made of tin (not aluminum) which means that they cling to the magnetic base of our palette and also that they are able to withstand pressure from the pressing action better than the aluminum pans.
Price: $2.95
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sPerfect for small pressing projects
By Rene'
Another great addition to the Press Pack sizes. This pan size is handy if you have only a small amount of mica and want to press it. The tamping tool works beautifully.

1s1s1s1s1sSOOOOOO CUTE
By Heather
Pressing with these pans is a breeze, and the mini tamper is adorable!

1s1s1s1s1sthe cutest thing ever!
By Mimi
i love this, the pan is super cute and they mini tamper is adorable!perfect for pressing small amounts of pigments:]

By Alex
Love the size but the handle on the tamper is pointed & is very small. Makes pressing multiple tins difficult & painful. If the took the point of the tamper handle it would be much better.

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