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MMC Melt and Pour Lipstick Kit OUT OF STOCK

# X-1149

This kit has everything needed to make more than40 different lipstick colors. It is a great kit for one person, but also especially fun for a group where each person leaves with their own creations.

Our customers have played with the My Mix Melt and Pour Lipstick Kit and submitted over 100 recipes for you to use. Click on the More Details hyperlink above to see all the recipes! And what do these customers have to say....?

I'm still in awe that you can make a lipstick within minutes and at such little cost. -- Susanne

It was amazing how many different colors we could come up with by adding different micas to the already beautiful colors. -- Chickie

This was fun! My four year old even made a color for me. -- Kebby

There were 5 of us and we each made one formula as we did it as a family project . . . The kids loved it, even the ones who would rather have been playing "wii" . . . when theirs was done, they said 'that's it? That was easy' and another 'Can I make more tomorrow?'" -- Parker

It's really easy! It's really fun! Just melt and pour. Watch the video below to see how simple it is to follow our recipes or come up with your own.

So, what is included in the kit?

    • 10 pre-made lipstick colors (all you do is melt and pour!) for a total of 80 grams of colored lipstick (Watch the video to see all ten!)

    • 1 container of uncolored lipstick base (100 grams)

    • 6 colored micas, 4 grams of each

    • 1 bottle of fragrance/flavor

    • 1 bottle of Pigment White Lip Liquid

    • 3 spatulas for cutting and mixing

    • 5 microwaveable melter cups with lids

    • 2 empty "pie" containers

    • 40 containers for your finished creations. (40 stackable 5gram jars and 10 clear lids)

    • Instruction booklet

We have a free on-line recipe book which has over 100 recipes you can make using the ingredients from this lipstick kit.Click here to view that book! We also over a supplemental recipe book with an additional 100 or so recipes which use the add on ingredients below. Click here to view the supplemental book. You may order just the kit, but if you wish to make the additional recipes, you will want to include the add-ons.

Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sdefinitely a must-have
By silvia
I was very impressed at the kit and the way it was put together. Everything was packaged so beautifully! It's easy and fun, and you have everything you need. Get the kit- you won't be sorry!!

1s1s1s1s1sLove it
By Anjuli
I've played around with this kit a lot from the time that i first got it. There is just endless things you can do with it! I've made about 8 wheels and filled a couple 5 gram jars. I haven't bought any more base because a little goes a long ways when using the pre made colors. I don't fill each slot to the top, about 2 or so grams (if you cut your base/lipstick in to 8 pieces each piece is around 1 gram) or so will fill one slot up half full which is more than enough product to last a while. I think the only thing I didn't really like was that the base was a little stiff for a palette style lipstick, but that is easily fixed buy adding oils or whatever you like to soften it up a bit because the clear base itself is stiffer than the pre made colors so if you are creating your own colors aside from the ones that come in the kit something to soften the the base is a good idea.

1s1s1s1s1sAwesome Kit
By Lauren
Perfect to start out with. I've made over 100 lippies & tri-lippies and I've only had to buy extra containers and base. The lipstick color bases and the basics are plenty for TONS of colors.

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