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# KH-402
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sLibra blues
By laurice
holy guacamole this color is divine it has a wow factor of 10 out of 10 must try it i am in love

By Dana
Got mine today and it is absolutely gorgeous! You will not go wrong if you like blue shades... this one is very unique and unlike any I have ever seen. Bold and vibrant with great payoff! Yes, Laurice you must try... you will fall in love :)

1s1s1s1s1sLove Love Love!
By Megan
After being doubly disappointed about Capricorn being out of stock until 2/12 and then moving the date to 2/29 I settled for this color. I am super pleased with this purchase! Beautiful shimmery blue/purple!

1s1s1s1s1sSo Mysterious!
By Erica
Such a great shade! Very unique, I've never seen one quite like it until now!

By Tiare
Absolutely loving this color right now!! Wasnt going to get this one but, I did and Im glad I chose to because the color is, like i said..AMAZING!!!! You wont be disappointed! Im definetly getting the rest of the Zodiac Collection!!! Thanks TKB!

1s1s1s1s1sOne of a kind color
By Rene'
It's's's stunning!

1s1s0s0s0sI'm going to get beaten up for this, but...
By Renee
...I just don't care much for this particular mica. The color is "meh," not as complex as the other horoscope colors I've tried, and it's an especially chalky mica IMO, even when cut with several bases. I'm having difficulty figuring out a use for it because the texture annoys me too much for me to put it in to eyeshadow. Maybe liquid liner...?

1s1s0s0s0sa disappointment indeed
By Liis
Consistence of this particular blend is unusable as an eyeshadow no matter which primer or base mix one uses. The purple sheen disappears when mixed with base. I had hell of a time getting it swatched and even then it looked matte blue. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is that i thought I might be too prejudiced against it since I do not like blues.

1s1s0s0s0sLooks can be deceiving
By Alexis
When I saw this mica I fell in love. It was a beautiful bright periwinkle with a purple glow to it. This color refused to work as eyeshadow for me. It was extremely chalky and once I began to blend the color was gone. I tried various bases and nothing worked, I am used to matte colors, but this was a major challenge for me. The texture was the main setback. I have yet to try it in nail polish which may be my only other use for it.

1s1s1s1s1sperfect nail polish pigment
By Randi
This color disperses flawlessly in nail polish. As a super-sheer topcoat, the effect is a shifting-plum-gold duochome shimmer over black. Surprising result! It's almost Clarins 230-esque in it's shifting and shimmer and dos create a very blue-leaning blurple base. Cannot wait to work with this pigment as an eyeshadow. Incredible color, great shimmer and glow! Stunning!

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