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For all of the recipes, simply melt the ingredients together over gentle heat, stir well and pour into your containers.

Basic Lip Balm
Sweet Almond Oil 8 oz.
Beeswax 2 oz.
Honey 1 teaspoon

Petroleum Jelly Balm
Petroleum Jelly 2 teaspoons
Beeswax 1 teaspoon

Lip Gloss
Cocoa Butter 40 grams
Beeswax 8 grams
Coconut Oil 16 grams
Sweet Almond oil 16 grams
Lanonlin 2 grams
Vitamin E 1 gram
Honey 8 grams
Flavoring Oil to taste

LipStick base
Castor oil 34 grams
Candelilla Wax 6 grams
Carnauba Wax 2 grams
Ozocerite 1.5 grams
Microcrystalline Wax 3 grams
Glycerine 1.5 grams
Mineral Oil 2 grams
Lanolin 1 gram
Vitamin E 3 drops
Rosemary Seed extract 2 drops
To each 7 teaspoons of melted base, add 1 teaspoon of colored mica or � teaspoon of TKB Liquid Lip colors. Adjust to get desired coverage.

Lip Sheen
Combine together:
1/8th teaspoon each Red #6 and Red #7 into 3/4 teaspoon castor oil
Add these colors to the following melted ingredients:
Beeswax 1 teaspoon
Carnauba Wax 1 teaspoon
Coconut Oil 2 teaspoons
Castor Oil 2 teaspoons
Vitamin E 4 drops
Grapefruit Seed Extract 1 drop
Pearl White Mica 1 teaspoon